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The Ounalashka Corporation is currently interviewing to fill a permanent full-time position, as follows.

Maintenance Technician II: Primary duties include Lead and participate in routine tasks, including light electrical work; plumbing, concrete work, framing, painting, roofing, etc. and be available for call outs.

Knowledge, Abilities and Skills: Considerable knowledge of the practices, methods, and techniques pertaining to residential and commercial building construction, maintenance and repair, and proper safety standards and precautions; considerable knowledge and experience in the repair and maintenance of oil-fired boilers, Toyo laser heaters and unit heaters.

Minimum Experience Required: High school diploma or equivalent; certificates, advanced degree and or technical training preferred. a valid Alaska driver’s license and the ability to drive a standard shift vehicle.

If you are interested in either position, please come to the Corporation offices or contact our office at (907) 581-1276 (e-mail: info@ounalashka.com) to learn more about it and pick up an application.

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