OC Board


Michael R. Tutiakoff, Director

Michael R. Tutiakoff has worked for Kakivik Asset Management and TEAM INC. in Prudhoe Bay, Kuparuk, and on the Alyeska Pipeline. 13+ years as a Non-Destructive Pipeline Inspector, performing Radiation, Ultrasound, Magnetic, Liquid Penetrant, Visual, and 3D Laser scanning since 2005. With environmental work in oil, he also worked 8(a) contracting for 12+ years in Government contracting working military base clean up from Adak, Alaska to Pennsylvania. Michael would love to continue to bring the knowledge and experience he has gained from so many leaders that he had the pleasure to work with. He will continue to learn from past, current, and future directors, management, and shareholders that have and wish to reach out and talk to him. He has stated that he has a lot to learn and welcomes a good discussion.

Michael has served as a Director of Ounalashka Corporation from 2020 to present and his current term will end June 2023. He serves as a Trustee on the Ounalashka Settlement Trust from 2020 to present. He is the President of Dutch Harbor Development Corporation and OC Communications, and the Vice President of Little Brazil Corporation and Uknadax Corporation, all wholly-owned subsidiaries of Ounalashka Corporation. Michael is the son of Vincent M. Tutiakoff, Sr.