OC Board


Janice L. Krukoff, Director

Janice Krukoff moved out of the state in June 2023 and resides in South Dakota. She is semi-retired and has offered to volunteer in various organizations to keep busy and start up her art desires. She has strong ties to her family in Alaska and to the Corporation. Ms. Krukoff served as a Director of the Ounalashka Corporation from 2003 to 2006 and from 2012 to the present. Her current term expires in June 2024. She is the Vice President of the Aleutian Development Corporation and the Secretary/Treasurer of BIDAR Corporation, Dutch Harbor Aggregate Corporation, Inc., and Ounalashka Properties, Inc., all wholly owned subsidiaries of the Ounalashka Corporation. She previously served as a director for OC wholly-owned subsidiaries the Aleutian Development Corporation, Bidar Corporation, Dutch Harbor Aggregate Company, Inc., Dutch Harbor Development Corporation, and the Ounalashka Properties, Inc.