OC Board


Vincent Tutiakoff Sr., Chairman

Vincent Michael Tutiakoff, Sr. is Chair of the OC Board, and is a continuing director. He is
retired. He’s the Coordinator for Camp Qungaayux and was the Committee Chair for Camp
Qungaayux from 2010 to 2017. He was director for The Aleut Corporation and previously
served as the President, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer of The Aleut Corporation. Mr.
Tutiakoff was also the Committee Chair for Fisheries and sat on the Lands Committee of The
Aleut Corporation. He is a council member, and President, of the Unalaska Native Fishermen’s
Association and the Orthodox Church of Unalaska. He currently serves as the Mayor of the City
of Unalaska since October 2019 to present.

Mr. Tutiakoff served as a member of Ounalashka Corporation’s board from 1973 to 1980, from
1987 to 1989, and most recently 2010 to present. His term expires in 2025. He has been Chair
of the Board from 1977 to 1979, and from 2012 to present. He was OC’s President from 1979 to
1983 and has once again served in that role since 2012. In addition, he worked as OC’s Land
Director from 1974 to 1980 and is currently the President of the Ounalashka Settlement Trust.
Mr. Tutiakoff is the Secretary/Treasurer of LSA Development, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of
Ounalashka Corporation, and has previously sat on the boards for two other wholly owned
subsidiaries of Ounalashka Corporation – Dutch Harbor Aggregate Company, Inc., FDOC, Inc.,
Little Brazil Corporation and LSA Development, Inc. He is the father of Director Michael R.
Tutiakoff, brother in-law of Director O. Patricia Lekanoff-Gregory and Director Nicholai E.
Lekanoff, father of Nicholai G. Tutiakoff