OC Board


Michael R. Tutiakoff, Director

I left Unalaska in 1997 to find my career and experiences in what life can throw at me. I have since worked for various 8a companies in Environmental Remediation for the Army, Navy, and Marines located throughout the US from Pennsylvania down the East Coast to Florida and all across the south to California, as well as 5 years cleaning Adak of Unexploded Ordnance (UXO).  I also worked in 4 of the main oil fields in Alaska, the Alyeska Pipeline, from Pump Station 1 to Valdez. I have also worked for Conoco Phillips, British Petroleum, and am currently contracted to work for Hilcorp in Prudhoe Bay. In the Oil industry, I continue my environmental side of contracting in pipeline Inspections. I basically look for damage to piping, vessels, tanks, barges, with many different inspection tools from radiation to Ultra Sonic Testing.

My home life is simple, I have got a great kid that will be graduating in May and off to find his path and journey in life, and cannot wait to see where it takes him. I love to travel and build knowledge and memories. I plan to continue to do my best to contribute to OC’s future and growth. I think we have strong management and a wealth of knowledge on the Board that I can learn from and help out where I can. I would like to use the experiences and knowledge I have gained working in different parts of the US as well as overseas to build OC and its shareholders. Education is key and how one gets that is not always a straight line nor black and white. There are many ways to strengthen our people, culture, and Corporation. I am excited to see the direction we are going and how I can help.