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The Ounalashka Corporation

The Ounalashka Corporation, or OC, is the Alaska Native Village corporation for Unalaska, Alaska. Our corporation was formed in 1973 under the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act of 1971. Incorporated with an original 269 Unangan shareholders, OC now has over 500 original shareholders and many more descendants!

The Ounalashka Corporation is a for-profit corporation with businesses in land leasing and development. OC is the major landowner in Unalaska and leases land and properties to commercial and residential customers. Commercial tenants include clients in the fishing and fishing support industries, international shipping and logistics companies, sand and gravel extraction, retail and others.

OC is guided by a Board of Directors, who set the mission and vision of the organization. Day-to-day business is overseen by our dedicated team of management and staff, who work in our Unalaska-based corporate headquarters.

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