Are your Descendants registered?

OC is offering a $200 incentive for NEW and COMPLETE Descendant Applications!

With each successive generation, it is becoming more challenging to document a descendant’s relationship to an original shareholder. Collecting the information now makes the application process easier for both current and future generations.

The information submitted through the registration process is being collected to:

• Improve communications with descendants who may become OC shareholders in the future through gifting or inheritance.
• Provide information on potential opportunities and activities.
• Aid the Edna P. McCurdy Foundation in establishing proof of eligibility for scholarships.
• Help support and promote Artists and Entrepreneurs.

*Descendants who are already OC shareholders do not need to enroll.*

Already have an application on file?
All Descendants who have direct deposit on file by the deadline will be entered in a drawing to win one of these cash prizes:

• 3 winners $500
• 2 winners $1,000
• 1 winner $2,000

The deadline to complete registration will be May 1st, 2023.

*Please read the form carefully and you must attach a copy of the required documentation. If it is not complete your form will not be accepted.*

Find the form here!

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