Lois A. Burrece, Director

Lois (Bereskin) Burrece began her term on OC’s Board of Directors in 2008.  Lois is currently the President of both LBC and Uknadax and Vice President of DHDC and also serves on the Audit & Budget Committee. Lois worked as OC’s Shareholder Affairs Director and Billing/Leasing Clerk from 1979 to 1982.

Lois and her husband Chuck have been self employed since 1995. They were Native owners of the F/V Lone Star, due to the loss of their boat, Chuck and Lois have started a new business adventure in home remodeling. Lois and her family moved to Oak Harbor, WA in September 2016. They have 4 kids, 3 grandsons, and 2 great grandsons.

Lois has always felt her Unangan Culture was an important part of her life. She is a self- taught Aleut Doll maker and seal gut sewer, crafting traditional clothes for her Unangan dolls (that are very prized gifts at OC’s Annual Meetings) among other seal gut items.  Lois is a Mentor at the Qawalangin Tribe Camp in Unalaska in seal gut/skin sewing.