Shareholder Info

Business Owners, Artists and Craftspeople

We are offering shareholders the opportunity to be featured on our website, building an online resource that helps spread the word about the talent and expertise within the OC community.  Please fill out the form and return the completed form by mailing to: PO Box 149, Unalaska, AK 99685 or by email to Click here to print the OC Shareholder Artists and Business Owners form. OC Shareholder Artists and Business Owners form

Direct Deposit Application

Want your Shareholder dividend directly deposited into your bank account? A printable direct deposit application is available. Just click here.

Changing Your Shareholder Record

If you have moved and/or changed your mailing address, Ounalashka Corporation must be notified in writing with your signature. There must be a signed document in your shareholder file in order for OC to change your address.

If you’ve legally changed your name and want OC’s records to reflect the change, please send us a copy of either your 1) marriage certificate, 2) Divorce Decree, or 3) Social Security Card with the name change. Fill out this form, and send any changes to your Shareholder Record to:

Ounalashka Corporatio
Attention: Shareholder Affairs
PO Box 149
Unalaska, AK 99685-0149
Fax: (907) 581-1496

Where are They?

The following shareholders have no forwarding order stickers on their mail that has been returned to OC (list as of March 2018):

Michelle Defevers

James Galaktionoff

Douglas Krukoff

Dillion Lewis

Ignaty Merculieff

Lewis Moses

Lenard Shelikoff

Muriel Tumbloo

If you have any information on these shareholders, please notify OC. If you see these individuals, ask them to drop a line to OC with their new address and signature.

Faxes work, too. OC sends a big thank you to all of those Shareholders who keep us up to date.

Estate Settlement/Wills

Alaska law provides that Ounalashka Corporation stock is subject to special probate or estate settlement procedures. OC is required to determine the proper heirs of OC stock in accordance with any valid will the shareholder may have executed that is applicable to the stock, or — if no such will exists — under Alaska laws on intestate succession.

A copy of a shareholder’s will, which includes provision for his or her OC stock, should be on file with the OC Shareholder Affairs Department.

OC has a simple will form available that applies only to OC stock. Alternatively, disposition of OC stock can be effected through the provisions of a general will by including language specifically disposing of the stock. A shareholder may wish to consult an attorney regarding an appropriate will for individual circumstances. Please contact the OC Shareholder Affairs Department with questions.

For a printable Stock Will for Ounalashka Corporation Shares, click here.

Gifting Shares/Custodian For Minor Shareholders

The Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) permits ANCSA stock to be transferred as a gift from a holder to siblings or lineal descendants (child, grandchild, great-grandchild, niece, nephew), if the holder has reached the age of majority (18). The recipient of shares transferred by such a gift must be a Native or a descendant of a Native who is related to the gift or by blood or adoption and not simply by marriage.

If under 18 years of age, Alaska law requires that shareholders who receive stock in a Native Corporation must have their stock issued to a custodian.

Information concerning the gifting and custodian processes are available at the OC Shareholder Affairs Department.

For a printable Gifting Form for Ounalashka Corporation Shares/Appointment of Custodian for Minor Shareholders, click here.

Stop-Payment Requests

A stop-payment may be placed on an outstanding OC dividend check after a minimum of 30 days have elapsed from the date the check was issued. Shareholders may call or write the OC Shareholder Affairs Department and request stop-payment order. A bank fee of twenty-five dollars ($25.00) will be deducted from the amount of the original check.

If you have any further questions, please contact the Shareholder Affairs Department at the address and phone number above or via online form.