Shareholder Programs & Resources

The Ounalashka Corporation offers assistance with some expenses when the deceased is an OC shareholder. Burial assistance may be provided to help with final expenses of deceased shareholders in an amount up to $2,000.

To apply for shareholder burial assistance:

– Download and fill out an application.

– Burial Assistance must be applied for within six (6) months of the shareholder’s death and must be submitted on the form provided by OC. A certified death certificate must accompany an application for assistance.

– Upon approval of an application, OC will forward funds to the funeral home listed on the application.

– In the event a funeral home is not listed, OC will reimburse the family of the deceased shareholder up to $2,000 when invoiced expenses are presented in a timely manner.

– If the shareholder will be interred in Unalaska and the family needs assistance in building crosses, boxes, coffins or digging the grave, if the OC maintenance crew is available to help. An invoice will be generated for the services provided by OC and billed to OC up to $2,000.

The Aleut Foundation has an assistance policy as well. Its application can be found on their website.

The Bureau of Indian Affairs’ maximum benefit is $1,050 ($950 for burial, $100 for other services). You must be 1/4 Alaska Native and be a resident. This is a need-based benefit. In Alaska, call BIA Social Services at (907) 271-4137. Shareholders of 1/4 Alaska Native Blood living outside Alaska should call their local BIA office

The Ounalashka Corporation invites direct lineal descendants (children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, etc.) of voting OC shareholders to register their information with OC. Descendants who are already OC shareholders do not need to enroll.

The information submitted through the registration process is being collected to:

– Improve communications with descendants who may become OC shareholders in the future through gifting or inheritance,

– Provide information on potential opportunities and activities,

– Aid the Edna P. McCurdy Foundation in establishing proof of eligibility for scholarships.

Please note that beginning in 2019, the Edna P. McCurdy Foundation will require descendants who are not currently shareholders of OC to register as a descendant to apply for funding. This process will help the Foundation administer its programs by giving it access to submitted documents, which are used for eligibility determination purposes.

To encourage descendants to maintain updated contact information, quarterly prize drawings will be conducted from the names of all confirmed descendants.

Completed applications (download here) with required documents should be sent to:

Shareholder Records

The Ounalashka Corporation

P.O. Box 149

Unalaska, Alaska 99685-019

Phone: 907.581.1276



The Edna P. McCurdy Scholarship Foundation was formed to provide scholarships for post-secondary education and other training to shareholders and their descendants. Scholarships are offered to full-time and part-time students.

To apply online for the Edna P. McCurdy Scholarship visit

The Ounalashka Corporation offers shareholders the opportunity to be featured on our website, building an online resource that helps promote the talent and expertise within of OC Shareholders.

If you or a Shareholder/Shareholder Descendant you know may be interested please fill out the Shareholder Artist & Business Owner Form.

Submit the form to:



Ounalashka Corporation

P.O. Box 149,

Unalaska, AK 99685


Ounalashka Corporation

745 West 4th Ave., Suite 306

Anchorage, AK 99501

This committee is a volunteer committee designed to encourage shareholder participation in their corporation. Shareholders and Directors who participate agree to volunteer their time.

Purpose: To engage shareholders in two-way communication on current and long-term matters that impact the Corporation and its shareholders.

Membership:10 to 12 Native shareholders residing in the Unalaska area. To fill a committee seat names will be drawn randomly from a list of shareholders who have expressed interest in serving on the committee.

Term: Initially half of the committee seats will have a one-year term with the remaining half having a two-year term. After the first year, all committee members will serve a two-year term with half of the committee membership turning over each year.

Vacancies: A vacancy will bill filled by a random draw of interested shareholders. Shareholders who have not had an opportunity to serve on the committee will have priority.

Board Attendance:  1 to 2 Board Directors will attend each meeting.

Meetings: The Committee will meet quarterly. The meeting schedule will be developed by management.


As of September 19, 2022, OC offers a Stock Will Incentive program. Shareholders can receive a one-time $200 incentive for submitting a valid Stock Form or general Last Will and Testament that states to whom shares should be left.

Having a stock will on file saves your corporation thousands of dollars but, more importantly, completing a stock will ensure your shares go to the individuals you designate. To submit a form, or for more information or help completing your will, contact the Shareholder Affairs Department at or call (907) 581-1276.