Shareholder Responsibilities

Shareholder Responsibilities

As a part owner of our corporation, the two most important responsibilities you have as a Shareholder are keeping your records updated and voting in OC elections.

Keeping your records updated is easier than ever now with the MyOC Shareholder Portal!

MyOC is a free, online resource available to all eligible Ounalashka Shareholders. Here are some of the things you can do with MyOC:

*Update your contact information

*View and print your financial history

*View information about the shares you own

*RSVP for current events

Update Your Records

It is essential that each Shareholder have the correct information on file. Without it, you may not receive important communications like dividends, annual reports, newsletters, voting proxies, and informational statements. If you are wondering whether or not your information is current, please feel free to contact Shareholder Affairs at


Shareholders are responsible for ensuring the long-term strength of the corporation by electing the Ounalashka Board of Directors.
The best way to ensure that your voice is heard is to vote in our elections. Whether you have a small or large number of shares, each vote carries the weight of electing leaders that will guide the future of OC. Shareholders can vote in person at the annual meeting or by proxy.

Things to Remember

Update your address if you have moved by contacting the Shareholders Affairs Department to complete an Address Change Form to ensure your record is current so you receive distribution checks and other important mailings.

Set up direct deposit if you would like to receive funds the day of distribution by contacting the Shareholders Affairs Department to submit a Direct Deposit Form. Additional documents are required. Don’t forget to update your bank information if you changed banks or accounts.

Submit a completed Name Change Form if your name has changed. Additional documents are required.

Notify the Shareholder Affairs Department as soon as possible when a Shareholder or registered Descendant passes away.

Provide a valid OC Stock Will or General Will that clearly states who you would like to inherit your stock. Complete a new will if your name has changed after you have gifted stock, or if you change your mind about who you want to inherit your stock.

Submit a Descendant Application Form to register your descendants if you are a voting OC Shareholder. Additional documents are required. This will allow us to educate Descendants about OC, inform them about future events and program deadlines, and enable them to be eligible for Descendants programs and services, such as scholarships with Edna P. McCurdy Foundation. Applications should be sent to