Permitted Use

Ounalashka Corporation (OC) is the major landowner on Unalaska, Amaknak, and Sedanka Islands. Under ANCSA, OC was entitled to 115,000 acres of land in these areas. Most of OC’s lands are open to use by Shareholders, tribal members and non-Shareholders for recreational and subsistence activities such as salmon fishing, gathering foods like clams, mussels, chiton, and seaweed in the intertidal zone; the collection of greens and herbs; and berry picking.

Use of OC lands without a permit is considered trespass. Trespassers may be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. OC reserves the right to withhold approval of any permit request.

If you wish to use OC’s lands for subsistence or recreation, you may submit a Land Use Permit below.

For more information or to purchase a permit for commercial or educational purposes, contact or

Fee Schedule

Type of useIndividualFamilyBusiness
(between 5 and 25)
(more than 25)
(6 months)
Hunting$25 Annual
Snowmobile$100 Annual