Our Shareholders

Ounalashka’s (OC’s) Shareholders have ties to the original inhabitants of Unalaska, the Unangax̂ people, who have made their home in the Aleutians for tens of thousands of years. Our ancestors practiced a traditional subsistence lifestyle that was supported by the rich oceans surrounding the island, and today we are still connected to our lands and waters through subsistence traditions passed down through the generations.

As the village corporation representing Unalaska, OC works to bring social and economic benefit to Shareholders through dividends, educational and training opportunities, employment and stewardship of our lands and resources.

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"Aniqdun ngiin aqaaĝan aĝnangin qulingiin akux̂ gumalgakux̂"

For the coming generations that we don’t see yet, for their time here

Father Michael Lestenkof