Ounalaskha Corporation is led by a nine-member Board of Directors, a Chief Executive Officer (CEO), a President, and an executive management team. The term of office for each Director is three years, staggered such that the terms of three Directors expire in each calendar year. The Board operates as an entire body and through various committees. It is the policy of the Board that Directors are expected to attend each regular, special, and committee meeting.

The presiding officer of the Board of Directors is the Chairman of the Board, currently Vincent M. Tutiakoff, Sr. The other officers of the OC Board of Directors include Vice Chairman Brian D. Rankin, and Secretary/Treasurer Wendy A. Svarny-Hawthorne. The duties of the officers are established in OC’s bylaws and other policy documents.




  • Natalie A. Cale

    CEO/COO/General Counsel

  • Denise M. Rankin


  • Laresa Syverson

    Technical Lands Manager

  • Donna Van Flein

    Corporate Affairs Coordinator

  • Kimberley Johnson

    Human Resources Manager

  • Eren Fernandez

    Senior Accountant

  • Levi Vernon

    Senior Accountant Trainee

  • Laura Danford-Meier

    Accounts Payable Specialist

  • Kitty Greene


  • Thomas Wray

    Operations Manager

  • Maricel Tungul

    Leasing Manager

  • Kristine Balbarino

    Residential Property & Leasing Coordinator

  • Anastasia “Sasha” Rankin

    Lands Assistant

  • Jared Ingle

    Maintenance Tech II/Supervisor

  • Emil Berikoff, Jr.

    Maintenance Tech II

  • John Jason Bereskin

    Maintenance Technician

  • Duane Johnson

    Maintenance Technician

  • Eliseo “Bong” Orteza

    Maintenance Technician

  • Veronika Kadoun

    Security Officer

  • Spencer Arebalo


  • Josephine Padgett

    Security Officer

  • Summer Smith

    Board Secretary